9 Unhealthy Foods You Think are Healthy

Although you might be putting a ton of effort into eating healthy, some of those so-called “health foods” may not be sending your diet in the best of directions. Read on to find out which foods sound healthy, but really aren’t. 1. Multigrain and Wheat Breads At first glance, these breads sound like a good option…

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7 Tasty Teas to Boost Your Health

We’ve all heard that tea is good for our health, but what types of teas do what, exactly? This article will talk about seven common, easy-to-drink teas, from black to herbal, and how their many compounds and antioxidants can improve various aspects of the drinker’s health.  1. Black Tea This is what most of us…

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10 Foods That Are Ruining Your Prostate Health

One in six men will deal with prostate cancer in his life, so it’s important for guys to keep their prostate health at the forefront of their minds. Unfortunately, you may not realize that your prostate health is being negatively affected by the foods you’re eating. In this article, learn which foods you should be…

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Is Eating Like a Caveman Healthy or Crazy?

The paleo diet (from “Paleolithic,” also known as the caveman diet) has, literally, been around since the Stone Age. In recent years, though, it has made a resurgence, first among athletes and later spreading to the health-conscious in general. But is this diet really healthy? Or is just the latest fad? The Paleo Diet: What…

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The Ultimate List of Foods to Avoid

Food choices are a very personal decision, but there are definitely some foods that are more unhealthy than others. While we couldn’t list every single unhealthy food in the world (anyone who has ever tried to eat more healthfully knows there are plenty of them), the following nine foods have been scientifically proven to be super awful…

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“Healthy” Foods You’re Eating That Are Lowering Your Performance (And The Simple Remedy To Save Your Heart)

Incredibly, nearly half of all American men have cardiovascular disease – whether they know it or not. And cardiovascular disease is the number one reason for a short life, by far. Every 40 seconds somebody in the United States dies of cardiovascular disease. And recent scientific breakthroughs have shown that nearly all nutritional advice doled…

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Slim Down With These 7 “FATTY” Foods

Can you really eat your way to good health? Well, maybe not exactly. But you should feel encouraged to know that there are at least seven foods – traditionally categorized as “fatty” – that have some pretty amazing health benefits. Some of them will actually help you burn extra belly fat. #1 Avocados/Guacamole Avocados get…

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Is Eating Meat a Healthy Choice?

One of the biggest questions for many individuals today as they attempt to choose a dietary plan is whether or not they should eat meat. Regardless of any ethical leanings that go into the decision, there’s a lot of conflicting information bandied about when it comes to meat consumption and health – in fact, depending…

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Caffeine: Friend or Foe?

If you’re like many adults in the US, your morning starts off with a hot cup of coffee. You tell yourself you can’t live without it. More to the point, you can’t live without the welcomed jolt of caffeine to kick start your day. Millions of Americans rely on caffeine every day. It helps them…

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7 Spices to Boost Your Health

Spices. Everyone loves them, well, most of them. They’ve been adding flavor and excitement to our food for thousands of years. The spice trade drove global empires for hundreds of years. Spices at certain points throughout history were as valuable as gold to traders. Luckily today we’re not beholden to a handful of monopolistic corporations to…

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